Founded in November of 2017 by bassist and vocalist Kyle Androy, drummer Joe Negrete and guitarist and brother to Joe, Dan Negrete. Later Collin Lynch would join the band on rhythm guitar. We played our first show in February 2018 with fellow Stoner Metal band The Hazytones. Afterward Collin would leave the band to pursue other musical interests. In the spring of 2018 Joe and Dan Negrete would both leave the band. 

After being inactive for 4+ months, Dopecorpse re-emerged in August of 2018 to share the stage with Denver’s In The Company of Serpents with Erik Fichtner on guitar and Steve Watkins on drums, as well as releasing a live demo. Early in 2019, Matt Williams joined on second guitar. During the spring and summer of 2019, we focused on writing new material and shared the stage with other acts such as Toke, Year of the Cobra and Witch Ripper.  

In early August, we released our first 3 track EP titled Ironshroom. Shortly after the EP’s release, Steve Watkins left the band and founding member Joe Negrete returned on drums. We are currently working on new material to release a full length album in 2020.


Previous events

Abigail Williams - Oppress the Tyrant - Dopecorpse & Azimuth


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